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About Us

Here at Go Fish Realty, we believe in three things.

1. Clients and Customers always come first

2. Treat others how you would like to be treated

3. Always be professional

With these guidelines, Go Fish Realty is set out to minimize agent expenses and pass these savings back to our clients. This gives our clients options they like when buying and selling real estate. What a concept, right?

Let’s face it. Large companies and huge franchises cost big bucks. Guess who’s paying for them? Talk with agents in the industry and they’ll agree: it’s the customer. This is because agents’ expenses are constantly going up, which directly correlates to their expenses being past on to you. Things have got to change as the consumer already feels they pay too much.

Go Fish Realty is a full service company. We offer three different ways to sell your home: a Traditional Program, a Preferred Program and a 3% For Sale By Owner Program. Sellers will earn an additional half percent off of certain programs by listing or buying their next home with Go Fish Realty, ask us to find out when it applies.

Go Fish Realty is on the cutting edge of service and technology by offering Multiple Listing Services (BLC/MLS), additional exposure over the World Wide Web, Over-the-net marketing evaluations, open houses, Go Fish Realty Radio (providing 24/7 exposure for your home), and a professionally designed, unforgettable, company image…to name just a few.

Go Fish Realty will customize a program that will fit everyone’s budget. The options we offer to homeowners when buying or selling a home, makes using a real estate professional an affordable necessity.

Go Fish Realty is not a discount broker company. By keeping my overhead expenses to a minimum, using direct response advertising (what is this?), innovative sellers programs, and BLC/MLS & World Wide Web exposure, we will sell your home fast, with fewer hassles and for the most money possible… Nothing is discounted. Saving YOUR hard earned equity! Let my system work for you.

By keeping Go Fish Realty’s overhead expenses to a minimum, using up-to-date technology and practices, and offering innovative Buyer/Seller programs, we are able to save YOUR hard earned equity. Let us show you how our system will save you money.

Go Fish Realty has been successfully selling homes since 1984. No matter what your circumstance may be, we offer a variety of different services designed to not only get your house out on the market, but also save your hard-earned equity. Drop us a line and we’d be happy to help you.